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So how does it work?
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Our flagship site, supersavvyyou will be collecting over 100,000 new, unique registrations each and every month from Savvy UK Shoppers.
We will also be partnering with the biggest and best lead gen companies in the UK, this will add huge potential to any marketing campaign.

Co-Registration Lead Generation

Co-Registration or co-reg for short is what most people think of when you mention lead generation.
This method of collecting consumers data is as old as the internet and is a tried and trusted method of generating high volumes of good quality B2C leads.
We drive consumers to sites using a small incentive such as entry into a prize draw. To enter we ask for their personal data, once collected and validated we then show the consumer a range of offers from our advertisers. These offers are tailored to the consumers personal data and also to their records that we hold on our 50 Million + UK data base.
This allows us to generate high quality, relevant leads for our advertisers.
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Once registered, our in-house software will search our data base and match each new registration with all of the data we have on them, based on what we know about them we can them show them the most relevant campaigns that suit their needs.

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