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What is Co-Registration?

When most people think of lead generation the naturally think of co-registration, or co-reg for short.
This form of direct marketing has been around as long as the internet and is a tried and trusted method of generating high volumes of consumer data.
What co-reg does is drives consumers to a landing page with a small incentive of being entered in to a prize draw or competition, in exchange we collect their personal data.
Once the consumer has registered on site they are then show a range of offers from our advertisers, these offers cover a wide range of products and services and will normally offer a deal, a chance to save money or generate an income stream.
About our landing pages
Brands use 3rd party co-reg sites in order to be seen by a huge audience.
Cheaper than paid search and social, co-reg will filter impressions and clicks into genuine, opt in leads with full data about each one.
Real time delivery also ensures that the advertiser can communicate with a potential customer immediately after they have opted in to receive further marketing from that brand.
Data is verified and qualified prior to being sent to the advertiser.

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